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New Rosa Eau Légère fragrance

ROSA Eau Légère

ROSA took us on a journey towards happiness and, like all journeys, it has a beginning. An ethereal moment filled with light, the inspiration for Rosa Eau Légère.

The waking of the rose exudes a light, volatile, ethereal, radiant and luminous perfume. This is the essence of the new Eau de Toilette “Rosa Eau Légère”. A fragrance that is light yet different.

Rosa Eau Légère captures the glow of the rose in the morning. Its most abstract and intangible facets are only revealed during the first hours of the day. Christine Nagel, determined to create the most delicate and subtle side of the rose, captures the magic of dawn in the new Eau de Toilette.

Tous Rosa Eau Légère

Rosa Eau Légère: a Floral-Musk Eau de Toilette with a concentration of 12% created for TOUS by Christine Nagel.

Olfactive Pyramid:

Top Notes: Mulberry + Orange Essence + Peach.

Heart Notes: Wild Rose + Rose Superessence  + Magnolia.

Base Notes: Musk + Suede + Amber wood

TOUS Rosa Eau Lègére

A new story begins…

An olfactive story which mixes romantic notes with a fresh and light femininity.

Rosa Eau Légère personifies the voluptuous and tender rose petals with fresh enthusiasm and juicy fruit.

The rose is the predominant note at the heart of the Rosa Eau Légère.

It lies on a soft bed of suede combined with the sensuality of modern amber woods.

Rosa Eau Légère is the awakening of the rose in the morning.

Tous Sensual Touch: The fragrance of seduction

Tous Sensual Touch

Glamour, sensual, powerfully seductive, daring, playfulness…Tous Sensual Touch is full of cheekiness and admiration.  A Floriental-Woody fragrance created by prestigious perfumer Veronique Nyberg.

TOUS Sensual touch has flashes of Pink Grapefruit, Violet Leaves, and Berries.

Floral harmony triumphs in the heart with glamorous Sambac Jasmine, Tiare and “Sunset” Orchid.

In its bottom notes, the powerfully seductive Patchouli and the sensual harmony of Vanilla accompany the playfulness of Siam Benzoin.

TOUS Sensual Touch, sensuality becomes perfume.

TOUS Garden

Tous Garden

TOUS always looks to emotions, to the soul’s desires, to making dreams come true in the most magical way.

Today TOUS presents a version of its first fragrance TOUS Eau de Toilette, a limited edition dedicated to our urban desire for nature.

The new TOUS Garden fragrance comes in frosted glass. Like a garden at dawn, where we can only see the green of the bear, perhaps it could be a boxwood tree.

The perfumist Fabrice Pellegrin has composed this symphony of flowers and fruit to create a Floral-Fruity fragrance which transports us to the most beautiful gardens in the world.

The citric and fruity notes create fresh top notes which lead to the desire of a spicy heart. Fruit, spices and flowers are the perfect preface to a fragrance-garden which keeps the most precious woods for its base with warm touches of Patchouli, Vanilla and Musk.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Aquatic Accord, Raspberry and Mandarin

Heart Notes: Wild Rose, Pink Pepper, Heliotrope, Peony and Jasmine.

Base Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Vanilla and Musk.

Tous Man Intense: Decidedly Masculine

David Miller for TOUS

A mysterious look, they way he walks among the crowd, his distinguished step, firm character, it is all so masculine! He has left an unmistakeable trail. He is a man of strong character. He is self-assured, charismatic and distinguished. His presence conquers all.

Tous Man Intense  is the fragrance of a great man.

Perfume Tous Man Intense

TOUS Man Intense is a Fougère-Aromatic fragrance created by Alienor Massenet y Pierre Wargnye.

The manly freshness of sage unites with a combination of aromatic notes and orange blossom to create a charismatic perfume with its own identity.

Musk, amber and tonka bean impregnate the perfume with sensuality to create an unmistakeable trail.

Do you dare to fall in love?

TOUS Eau de Toilette Model

Madness, happiness, fun… what adventure could be more exciting than falling in love?

TOUS Perfumes brings us the perfect gifts for the most important time of year for those in love: Two fragrances filled with emotion.

TOUS Eau de toilette, is a floral green fragrance with rose and violet notes created by Olivier Cresp for a woman who adores the TOUS universe.

Tous Man model

Oriental – fruity – woody, TOUS MAN is the fragrance for a young, active, daring and seductive man.

How will you celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?

A vibrant lifestyle: TOUS MAN SPORT

Tous Man Sport Visual

Spontaneous, natural, full of complicity… the energy of TOUS Man Sport does not go unnoticed. The man who is attracted to this fragrance enjoys every moment life has to offer, he does not hide behind masks or clichés, above all he is true to himself.

TOUS Man Sport is an aromatic-fruity-tonic fragrance.

Tous Man Sport

The original and vibrant note of cedar wood stands out among the top notes with a sparkling cocktail of the freshness of lemon and the luminous aldehydes.

At the heart of the fragrance its exotic spirit is revealed through ginger contrasting with fruity apple notes which brings modern and youthful touches to the fragrance. The VERBENA accord adds naturalness to the perfume.

All of this comes together in a sensual and elegant base with musk, cashmere and oak moss, and emphasized by the strength of the Atlas cedar wood.

TOUS presents its new fragrance Rosa in Moscow

Rosa Oriol y Rosa Tous

Rosa Oriol de TOUS, Co- founder and Creative Director of the Spanish jewelry brand, accompanied by her daughter Rosa TOUS (TOUS Institutional Relations Director), attended the presentation of the brand’s new fragrance which will be distributed by United Europe.

The jewelry brand TOUS presented its new fragrance “ROSA”  in Moscow together with the perfumery distributor United Europe.

“ROSA” is a Floral Musky fragrance created by Christine Nagel where the May Rose stands out for its richness and natural beauty.

Rosa Oriol de Tous

The event took place at Vazari Villa, Moscow, in a soiree where Rosa Oriol de Tous presented the perfume she personally designed and developed and which is positioned as a Premium line of all the brand’s fragrances.

United Europe, business leader in luxury perfumery distribution in Russia, will commercialize the brand`s fragrances from December 2013.

The “ROSA” presentation event  counted with the assistance of beauty press as well as social media.

Rosa Tous y Rosa Oriol de Tous

“It is an honor to present “Rosa” in Moscow. This perfume is very special to me. I have dedicated lots of hours of my work to develop this project.

I think “Rosa” will be a very successful fragrance in Russia because in this country our jewelry and the whole TOUS concept as a brand have been very well embraced”. – Rosa Oriol –

“For TOUS the perfumes range is a basic axis of brand development. We feel satisfied with the great work United Europe has been developing in Russia to achieve the success of our fragrances in this wonderful country.”  – Rosa Tous-

A Christmas filled with emotions

Perfume Rosa TOUS Set de navidadThe most beautiful time of year is coming: Light, colour, partys, hugs, affection and… presents.

It is difficult to find something that expresses our affection towards those special people in our lives, but TOUS knows how to show those feelings with what it does best: creating.

Rosa is a floral-musky eau de parfum created by Christine Nagel, who interpreted the fascinating personality of Rosa Oriol into a luminous heart of rose. The warmth and spontaneity of the designer are transcribed in notes of violet and raspberry with the tenderness of vanilla and musk.

ROSA wishes us Merry Christmas with the set “La vie en ROSA” comprising of ROSA eau de parfum natural spray 90ml and moisturising body cream with the same fragrance.

lives, but TOUS knows how to show those feelings with what it does best: creating.

Perfume Tous Eau de Toilette Set

TOUS Eau de Toilette comes in an elegant red and silver box, the perfect colours for Christmas. Inside we will find this floral-green fragrance with rose-violet notes created by Olivier Cresp in 90ml natural spray, together with a miniature replica and and elegant TOUS jewellery box in which to keep our most precious possessions.

TOUS Eau de Toilette Christmas set contains TOUS Eau de Toilette natural spray 90ml+ miniature replica 4,5ml + TOUS glasses case

Perfume Tous Eau de Toilette Set de navidad

And for those who prefer a greater concentration TOUS Eau de Parfum, of the same floral-green family but with a different fragrance.

TOUS Eau de Parfum Christmas set contains TOUS Eau de Parfum natural spray 90ml+ miniature replica 4,5ml + TOUS glasses case

Perfume Tous Sensual Touch setOH LÀ LÀ, QUELLE FEMME!!

Ready to triumph. That is how she looks. Dressed with her fragrance  TOUS Sensual Touch all eyes look her way. Yo can hear  the whispering wherever she goes: Oh la la, Quelle Femme!!!

Tous Sensual Touch  is sensuality in perfume. A floriental –woody eau de toilette created by Veronique Nyberg. This Christmas it comes with a minature replica and a body lotion so you can become the centre of attention at any celebration.

TOUS Sensual Touch Christmas Set includes eau de toilette natural spray 100ml + minature replica 4,5ml + Body Lotion 150ml.

Baby TOUS Sleepyhead Gift Set

The TOUS bear is sleepy. After being on the farm, becoming a sailor, making us laugh with his jester’s hat… he needs to sleep. He has put on his sleeping cap printed with all his iconic friends: the car, the tulip, the flower… and of course the little boy and girl, so he won’t feel alone! His wants all babies to fall asleep in the arms of Morpheus. How will he make it happen?

When bath time is over, every baby will feel Baby TOUS’ relaxing floral-musk aroma. After dinnertime, with the warmth of their favourite aroma, they will sleep snug and warm, snuggled in the TOUS baby blanket in the same aquamarine blue colour as the fragrance, and with their favourite bear so they will not be afraid.

Sshh! Can you hear a yawn?

Sweet dreams!

Baby TOUS Sleepyhead Gift Set is comprised of Baby TOUS Eau de Cologne natural spray 100ml + mini replica + TOUS blanket + Baby TOUS story.

The Spanish edition of GRAZIA awards “Rosa”

The brand’s latest launch “Rosa” has been given the award for best fragrance of 2013 by Grazia magazine in its Spanish Edition.

“Rosa” has been chosen by beauty journalists from Grazia magazine as the  best among all fragrances launched in 2013.