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Tous Floral Touch


A capricious floral touch TOUS Touch offers us a new caprice, a new fragrance. Its ultra-feminine design, a prelude of the subtle composition that it keeps inside.

In 2006 the perfumer Sophie Labbé created a fl oral fragrance for TOUS. This new fragrance drew its inspiration from the Duna collection of TOUS jewelry and has won women over throughout the world: “TOUS Touch”.
Years later, the French perfumer brings us a version with the same floral character, but this time accentuating its fruity nuance and with its musky bottom notes. This year “TOUS Touch” presents us with its new version: “TOUS Floral Touch”.


“TOUS Floral Touch” has citric top notes thanks to the mandarin and bergamot, made complete with a touch of violet leaves.
Its majestic heart is made up of white fl owers. The silky and sweet scent of gardenia harmonizes with the strength of the tuberose flower as the fresh jasmine, radiant, tenacious, persistent and full of olfactive nuances, smoothly asserts itself as the king of the composition.
The sandalwood and white musk give the fragrance warm bottom notes that are surrounded by a delicate fruity touch of nectarine.

An infusion of vitality created from capricious floral notes.
“TOUS Floral Touch” presents us with the model Lauren Auerbach, flirting with the camera without giving up her most powerful attraction: her new floral version of “TOUS Touch”, of course.


TOUS Neoncandy

TOUS NeonCandyVibrant , refreshing, explosive and delicious 

TOUS surprises us with a powerfully refreshing and electrifying version of TOUS Eau de Toilette.
TOUS NEONCANDY is an explosion of energy and colour.

Live life in Color! 

TOUS NEONCANDY is an electrifying kiss which awakens your senses, the first bite of a raspberry and lime ice cream, and the sharpness of lemon candy.


The fragrance 

The explosion of colour that floods the TOUS NEONCANDY universe is reflected in the fragrance. The perfumist Nathalie Lorson, uses Supercritical Fluid Extraction, one of the most
advanced techniques in perfumery, to extract the most resounding aromas from the components, transporting their flavours to the olfactive composition.
The citrus top notes squeeze out the iciest parts of the bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper, combining them with the sharpness of the Granny Smith apple. Following this bolt of freshness, floral notes develop in the heart of the fragrance, where peony and jasmine give way to a warm, almost fluorescent rush of raspberry. The base notes, like the fragrance bottle, evolve with soft notes of sweet vanilla, combined with cedar wood and musk.


Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Pink Pepper SFE*, Granny Smith apple.
Heart notes: Peony, Jasmine petals and Raspberry.
Base notes: Cedar wood, Vanilla and Musk.

TOUS NEONCANDY is an explosion of citrus and fruity flavours and colours, along with the sweetness of a young kiss. Innocent? Perhaps not!
The new, irresistible fragrance by TOUS.

TOUS NEONCANDY, an explosion of energy and colour.


TOUS MAN: The perfect gift for Spring

Foto Modelo Tous ManHow many times have we stopped to think about everything our fathers have done for us? He gives us his time, love and affection. He is patient with us and leads by example, correcting us when necessary, motivating us and celebrating each and every triumph we achieve, no matter how small.

His days are busy, juggling his professional life but family always comes first.

What is he like? He is an extrovert, happy, dynamic and daring. Style means much more to him than just fashion, it is part of his being.

TOUS MAN Vapo 100 ml
This spring, TOUS proposes an orientalfruity- woody fragrance created by Giles Romey.

The hesperidian notes, the original Campari accord and the sensual woody notes come together in TOUS Man to make a real statement.

Saint Valentine’s A day for Love!!

TLOVE_appLOVE is the most fun feeling, the most irresistible emotion, the greatest craziness, but which love? LOVE, Each and every type of love!
This day for LOVE is celebrated the world over, a day for all those who love someone.

How to celebrate…? With the TOUS LOVE app.

In the app there are four ways to share the day with those you love the most. Download the app to send fun photos with the augmented reality “Love Camera” or send love notes filled with hearts with “Love Notes”.

Tous Love Perfume
Tous Love, filled with love for those dearest to you!
The sparkling fragrance with bubbles of pink grapefruit, a spicy touch of pepper and drops of mandarin combine with a floral heart filled with violet flowers, muguet and raspberries.
Tous Love is a citrus, floral and fruity fragrance for women who love to love!


TOUS Touch new image

TTOUCH coef 0,7 PRESSFeminine, triumphant, sexy, but above all…Powerfully seductive.

The most seductive TOUS fragrance presents us with its new image.

The international top model, Lauren Auerbach, stars in this image made by Béla Adler & Salvador Fresneda.
Thousands of sparkles fl ood this nocturnal and cosmopolitan scene, but one shines brighter than the rest: the TOUS Touch woman. An especially feminine woman with a bit of guile and playfulness. A woman who walks determinedly because she knows that she triumphs in every situation thanks to her distinct personality. A powerfully seductive woman whose own light shines through.

TOUS TOUCH and TOUS SENSUAL TOUCH reveal part of their weapons of seduction in the new communication image.
What about the rest? Shh.. it’s a secret. It is only discovered when a few drops of the fragrance make contact with your skin.

New fragrance:TOUS Love

TOUS LOVE perfume

TOUS presents TOUS Love, a new fragrance, that with a new jewelry and sunglasses collections with the same name, representes an authentic declaration of love.

TOUS Love is a delicious smoothie filled with fruit and flowers to share with friends!!!

A sparkling citrus-floral-fruity perfume created by perfumer Sophie Labbé.

Tous Love perfume

A fragrance with  bubbles of pink grapefruit, a hint of spicy pepper and drops of mandarin combine with a heart filled with fun violet flowers, muguet and fanciful raspberries. Sandalwood, tender musk and soft iris bring a cute yet cheerful touch to the fragrance. As magical as LOVE

Tous Love Perfume

Top notes: Pink Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Italian Mandarin.

Heart notes: Violet Flowers, Muguet, Raspberries.

Base notes: Iris, Cedar Essence, White Musk and Sandalwood.

Tous Eau de Toilette: The perfume jewel of TOUS

TEDT coef 0,7

The first TOUS fragrance is a unique blend of different notes with cold and warm accords which make it the perfect staple of every summer look.

Olivier Cresp, has created a light, yet persistent fragrance.

Happy and spontaneous: a combination of the naturalness of the cassis and violet leaves with a spark of bergamot and the surprising, elegant accent of coriander.

Tous Eau de Toilette

The heart displays feminine and floral accords, dominated by white jasmine sambac, yellow peony, rose with fruity touches and the green, fresh character of the gardenia.

Lastly a confluence of comfortable and warm woody notes, combining musk, Moroccan cedar wood and iris, which adds an especially chic olfactory aspect.

Tous Eau de Toilette is a discreet way to highlight your own personality.

TOUS KIDS: The artist inside every child

TOUS Kids still life

Houses in the country surrounded by colourful flowers, space ships cruising through the galaxy… We are the same but we draw different things.

Writing, painting, erasing and starting again… everything is possible with the TOUS Kids board and pens.

TOUS Kids Girl Paint set-


Floral, fresh, fruity, TOUS KIDS Girl is as fun as a girls party.

It contains TOUS KIDS Girl eau de toilette natural spray 100ml + TOUS KIDS white board + TOUS KIDS Girl Luxury Sample 4.5ml

TOUS Kids Boy Paint set-


A perfume that promises fun-filled adventures. A fresh-fruity fragrance.

It contains: TOUS KIDS Boy eau de toilette natural spray 100ml + TOUS KIDS white board + TOUS KIDS Boy Luxury Sample 4.5 ml.

Rosa: The essence of happiness

Perfume Rosa Set

It is often said that a scent is able to take us to our happy moments but Is it possible to help us bringing them?

ROSA is the response of Rosa Mª Oriol de Tous. A floral musky eau de parfum created by Christine Nagel so we can perfume the world with happiness. To the pleasure of mothers, this proposal is accompanied with a TOUS vanity case.

“Happy thoughts lead to happiness”.

ROSA Spring Set contains ROSA eau de parfum vapo 90ml + TOUS vanity case.

New Rosa Eau Légère fragrance

ROSA Eau Légère

ROSA took us on a journey towards happiness and, like all journeys, it has a beginning. An ethereal moment filled with light, the inspiration for Rosa Eau Légère.

The waking of the rose exudes a light, volatile, ethereal, radiant and luminous perfume. This is the essence of the new Eau de Toilette “Rosa Eau Légère”. A fragrance that is light yet different.

Rosa Eau Légère captures the glow of the rose in the morning. Its most abstract and intangible facets are only revealed during the first hours of the day. Christine Nagel, determined to create the most delicate and subtle side of the rose, captures the magic of dawn in the new Eau de Toilette.

Tous Rosa Eau Légère

Rosa Eau Légère: a Floral-Musk Eau de Toilette with a concentration of 12% created for TOUS by Christine Nagel.

Olfactive Pyramid:

Top Notes: Mulberry + Orange Essence + Peach.

Heart Notes: Wild Rose + Rose Superessence  + Magnolia.

Base Notes: Musk + Suede + Amber wood

TOUS Rosa Eau Lègére

A new story begins…

An olfactive story which mixes romantic notes with a fresh and light femininity.

Rosa Eau Légère personifies the voluptuous and tender rose petals with fresh enthusiasm and juicy fruit.

The rose is the predominant note at the heart of the Rosa Eau Légère.

It lies on a soft bed of suede combined with the sensuality of modern amber woods.

Rosa Eau Légère is the awakening of the rose in the morning.